Jarvis Subia

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Poetry Performance 

Since 2012 Jarvis has performed for a wide range of audiences from concert venues to college campuses to charity fundraisers. Sharing his narrative as a queer Latin male born and raised in the San Jose Bay Area. He has performed at 5 nation slam poetry competitions, Albuquerque's South West Shoot Out, Los Angeles' Ink Slam Poetry Festival, New York's Nuyorican Poets Cafe, the Oakland Jazz Festival, San Francisco's de Young Museum, the San Jose Museum of Modern Art, for the Oakland Symphony Mixtape. 


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Notable Performances:

Menlo College
San Francisco State
Bellarmine Academy’s
Latinx Conference
Marin Academy
Poets For Puerto Rico

LA’s Ink Slam Poetry Fest.
ABQ’s Southwest Shootout
Men and Boys of Color
Policy Summit
Oakland Metro Operahouse
Literary Pop at Fanime

De Young Museum
Sonido Clash Music Fest.
The Oakland Jazz Fest.
Oakland Symphony Mixtape
Nuyorican Poets Café

San Jose Museum of Art



Writing Workshop 

With an English Degree and over 3 years of in-classroom teaching artist experience, Jarvis has been bringing poetry/ spoken word education into classrooms and writers groups throughout the Bay Area. Jarvis has been a teaching artist for SFJAZZ, Youth Speaks, MACLA / Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana, & Future Arts Now. His workshops focus on facilitating introductory generative writing experiences where students explore personal narrative storytelling, community building, communication literacy development, and public speaking skills. 


Lets figure out a workshop I can facilitate tailored to your writers needs.

Noteable Workshops

Community Works
Project WHAT!
Men and Boys of Color
Youth Conference
Lighthouse Community
Charter School

Youth Speaks’
Emerging Poets Mentors
Digital Media & Culture
Studio at MACLA
Jazz In The Middle

Marin Academy Writers Conference

Poetry Center San Jose
Poets at Play
Summer Bridge (SFUSD)
Echos Of Hope (USC)
Drew School (SF)
Future Arts Now

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